Hydromantis, 4mts x 2mts, Recycled PVC Pipes installation at 6 Battery Road, CapitaLand Commercial Trust, Singapore

This artwork was intended to promote the local art scene and to engage the community of Six Battery Road in a creative workshop with recycled materials. CapitaCommercial Trust (CCT) collaborated with Tinu Verghis for the second time to design a Christmas decor for Six Battery Road

“I have used the mathematical approach as a logical thought towards expressions and relationships in constructing using recycled plumbing pipes. The random conglomeration has replaced composition and chance has replaced free will. The placement of the colored pipes was left to chance.

The natural light filtering in from the ceiling alters our perception of the medium in its time and space. The eyes sees the color and the negative spaces between the pipes in selective ways, creating an interchange between the artist and the spectator.

The artwork became a vehicle of creative power;by engaging the community of Six Battery road and their families. They painted Merlion, Orchids and other Singapore iconic symbols, which were hung on the Hydromantis”